Email Scam Alert


Email Scam Alert

 Campus Safety is issuing a warning about a new variation of an on-going Email scam targeting students.  In this version of the scam Email recipients are contacted with an offer of employment, once accepted the victim will receive a check from the scammer for purchase of job related equipment/supplies.  The check sent is for much more than necessary for purchases.  The scammer will ask the victim to deposit the check, then wire or send a cashier’s check for the leftover amount, usually, to a third party.    The original check sent by the scammer will bounce or otherwise be denied and the victim is responsible for repayment of the funds from the bad check they have deposited.

 These scams have several points in common:

 The victim is contacted by email through an address that is part of a public directory.

  1. The contact by the scammer is unsolicited.
  2. There is normally a job or work offer of some type made.
  3. Payment for services to be provided for equipment to be purchased or services provided is greatly overpaid.
  4. Victims are frequently asked to send the overpayment to a third party instead of the scammer.

Please do not fall victim to this type of activity; variations abound but all present the same opportunity for the scammer to take advantage of victims who believe they have received a legitimate offer of employment.

 If you have received any Emails of this type please let Campus Safety know via:

 Telephone – (603)358-2228

Email -

Or through the Silent Witness webpage -