Weather announcements

Know where to get the information in the event of inclement weather

Weather announcements will be posted:
MCC Weather Hotline: 828-766-1213
On LEO's front page
On Mayland's Facebook page
On Mayland's Twitter page
On local media
Via Text messages

You can also sign up for text messaging through LEO. You must opt in to use the text messaging service. Fees may apply per your cell phone's text plan.

Once you are logged into LEO, click on the MyCruiser tab at the top of the webpage and you will see 
My Cruiser Alert tab.

Once you click on the My Cruiser Alert you will have the option to put the cell number you want a text message sent to.

After entering your mobile phone number and identifying your carrier, you will receive a text message on your phone with an Activation Code.

You must enter this Activation Code in the given area in order to complete the Activation Process.

Several things could prevent the delivery of your Activation Code text message. Check each cause in this order to find the cause.


Make sure you have entered the correct mobile phone number and carrier. If either is incorrect, simply re-enter the correct information.


Your carrier may have blocked the Activation Code text message. Check your carriers web site for instructions on adding CruiserAlert to your carriers white list and turn off any blocking features.


Your carrier may be busy causing delayed delivery. Check with your carrier for these conditions.