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  • Building Key

    MC Main Campus,
    ACAD Academic Hall
    BWY Broadway Extension
    FH Founders Hall
    HAML Hamilton Hall
    HC Hamilton Club Building
    MH Memorial Hall
    PAC Passaic Academic Center
    PAN Panther Academy
    PSA Public Safety Academy,
    U Pruden Building
    WAC Wanaque Academic Center,
  • Location Key

    BWY Broadway Extension
    MC Main Campus, Paterson
    MEM Memorial Hall
    OL On Line
    PAC Passaic Academic Center
    PHS Passaic High School
    PRU Pruden Building
    PSA Public Safety Academy
    SCC Sussex Community College
    SJ St. Joseph's Hospital
    WAC Wanaque Academic Center
    WAR Warren Community College
    XP Paterson Police Academy

How to Search for Classes & Interpret the Results.

Up-to-date course offerings and enrollment can be found for all classes.  Please read the instructions below and then click All Classes on the left.

Follow the directions below to perform a simple search.

u  Use the Term pull down menu to select the term for the search. 
v  If you are searching for a particular course, use the Subject pull down menu to select the subject (i.e. ACC-Accounting). 
w  Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click Submit.

The results for the classes offered list a lot of information about the class.  Most of the columns are self-explanatory.  Use the Building Code Key and Location Key links on the right for help in interpreting the Meeting Information column and Location column.

Note: Room assignments shown are preliminary assignments and subject to change.