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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is CampusCruiser?

CampusCruiser (also known as Timecruiser Computing Corp, or "TCC") is an educational technology company serving Higher Ed Institutes (colleges and universities) around the World. Our core family of cloud-based products include :
  • Campus web portal
  • Online learning management system (LMS)
  • Academic alert system for student retention
  • Online course/faculty evaluation system
  • Campus emergency/non-emergency alert/notification system
All of which are accessible on mobile devices with our CruiserMobile platform. is an online information delivery platform provided to educational institution users who agree to be bound by this terms and conditions.

How does CampusCruiser handle my personal information and privacy?

TCC collects no personally identifying information regarding individuals except when specifically and knowingly provided by the individual user. Under no circumstances will users' personal information be given to any other party unless otherwise stated at the time of collection or as required by law. We will never share your e-mail address with other third parties without your prior opt-in.

Always remember to log out after you finish your CampusCruiser session. This will prevent other people from inadvertently accessing your personal information -- especially when logged into a public computer.

Please refer to our Privacy policy to learn more...

What are "Cookies" and how do I enable them to log in?

Cookies are small pieces of information that a website sends to your computer's hard drive while you are viewing the website. Cookies allow us to be sure that your browser is the only one that can exchange information with our servers.

How do I change my password?

Your password can be changed in your "Personal Profile", located in the Account and Profile area. Click the drop down arrow to the right of your name at the top of the screen. Select "Account and Profile" to "Change Password".

Navigating this site

How is the site set up? / How do I know where to go?

Just like other Internet Web sites, CampusCruiser navigation is organized with Tabs, Menus, and Pages.

Click the link on the navigation you want to view and you will be taken to the appropriate page.

TIP: You may notice a "Navigation Trail" that displays at the top of each page, below the tab menu bar. This trail acts like breadcrumbs; they show your location on the site, as you move to pages on different levels. When you click on a breadcrumb in your trail, you will be taken back to that page.

What is my Quickbar?

Your QuickBar is a set of icons that give you quick access to key campus tools, such as your Personal Tools and Help options. It's located in the upper right-hand corner of the header. Click the Home icon to navigate back to your dashboard, anytime. Depending on your campus settings, you may be able to personalize your QuickBar with your own tool choices.

What is the Dashboard?

Your Dashboard is your landing (Home) page when you log in to the CampusCruiser system. It's set up by your Campus Administrator to provide you with the most relevant, up-to-date information about your campus and your academics. This information displays to you through Channels that are updated by your Campus.

For example, the "Campus Announcements" channel or the school "Calendar" channel will display important messages and events relevant to your school. And, if you belong to a club or committee, you will probably see your "My Clubs" or "My Committees" channels that display important information and messages from specific communities of which you are a member.

It's possible that you may be able to personalize your Dashboard page, depending on your campus policies. It's also possible that the channels of information on your dashboard will be "sticky", which means you cannot change them. You may be able to add additional channels by clicking the gear setting.

TIP: Even when your dashboard is locked down or the channels are sticky, you can always create additional Dashboard tabs of your own�by clicking the "add" symbol to the right of your Dashboard tab. It's fun personalizing them with channels and information important to you.

Why do I sometimes get logged out automatically?

For security purposes, when your CampusCruiser session exceeds 30 minutes with no activity, you will be logged out automatically. After 27 minutes of idle time (no page refresh), a warning message will ask if you want to continue your session. Selecting "Yes" will extend your session.

Also, setting a refresh rate will tell the system to automatically update the information on the page, so you will not get "timed out" for inactivity. You can set an automatic refresh rate for your Dashboard and your E-mail.

  • Refresh E-mail rate in the "settings" feature.
  • Refresh Dashboard rate in the "customize settings" button.

How do I log into my classes?

Classes in the CampusCruiser LMS will display in your "My Classes" channel on your Dashboard; simply click on the course title to go to your class Home page.


What are my "personal tools"?

Your Personal tools may include all or some of the following items, depending on your campus. These tools are available for your own personal use, and can be accessed from your QuickBar anytime or from one of the global navigation drop-down menus on your Dashboard.
  • E-mail - read and send important messages from your school e-mail account.
  • Calendars - view school events and sync it with other personal calendars.
  • Tasks - make your own "To Do" list, include assignments and school events.
  • Address Book - keep your important contacts all in one place.
  • My Files - works like a flash drive, access documents and files from any computer, anytime.
  • Pages - provides a venue for you to create pages and content accessible by the public.
  • Bookmarks - store and access all your favorite website and Internet resources.
  • Photo Albums - upload and view your own personal photos.
  • Blog - create and share your own personal blog.
  • Profile - includes all your account information, including picture, contact info, password, etc.

How do I subscribe to campus-related alert messages?

If your campus uses the CampusCruiser Alert system, you can view and subscribe to campus and class channels by clicking on the "My CruiserAlert" option in the drop-down menu on your Dashboard tab.

In the CruiserAlert page, simply, complete your Alert profile with the appropriate contact information, and subscribe to available channels you want to receive alerts from, displayed in the "CruiserAlert Channels" tab.

Where can I get Help?

You can get help wherever you are by clicking on the Question Mark icon in your QuickBar, located in the upper right corner of the screen.
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