FPU Login Changes for Adjuncts Starting May 15th

Dear Adjuncts,
Starting on Tuesday, May 15th, 2018, several changes related to FPU electronic systems will be implemented for instructors whose primary role with Fresno Pacific University is as an adjunct instructor. Please pay careful attention to these items as they will affect your ability to access Moodle, Sunbird Central, Hoonuit (Atomic Learning), FPU-WIFI, and other systems at the university that use your Moodle login. These changes will not affect the way you access Campus Cruiser.
1. You will have the ability to now change your university PIN into a password of your choosing as well as manage your password moving forward.
2. A new Office365 account including a new @fresno.edu email address will be created for you using your current username which will give you access to all Office365 features online as well as the ability to download Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) to your personal computer at no cost.
3. Begin preparation for the transition from using CampusCruiser email to Office 365 email. The last date that CampusCruiser will be available is June 30, 2018.
So, what do I need to do?
1. On May 15th, or soon after that, you will need to log in to Office365 at http://outlook.fresno.edu  and go through the password change process to continue accessing Moodle, Sunbird central, Hoonuit, and FPU-WiFi. The setup guide  can be used to help you through the process of signing into Office 365, setting up multi-factor authentication, setting up the self-service password reset function, and changing your password. You must complete this process before being able to access Moodle, Sunbird Central, Hoonuit (Atomic Learning), FPU-WIFI, and any other sites that previously used your username and university PIN to log in.
The new @fresno.edu email mailbox will be created online for you which will eventually be used to replace your fpu.edu (CampusCruiser) email beginning July 1, 2018.
2. We are in the process of transitioning from CampusCruiser to a new portal with a nice mobile app and email communication will be done in Office 365. The transition period is from May 15th through June 30th. During this time, you will have two email accounts. You can do either of the following:
a. Check both emails during this period
b. Set up a 'forward filter'  to the email of your choosing. We don't want you to miss any important communications.
3. Please make sure to change any services or sites that you may have signed up for using your @fpu.edu email to use your new @fresno.edu email.
After reviewing the setup guide for the first-time setup of Office 365, if you still have questions, please contact Helpdesk at 559-453-3410 or email us at helpdesk@fresno.edu.